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Applied Behavior Analysis Experienced.

Apraxia & Dysarthria.


Auditory Processing:

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

  • Speech, Language, Communication & Listening Skills impacted by hearing loss or deafness.


Augmentative & Alternative Communication therapy experienced.



  • Attention.

  • Executive Functioning.

  • Memory.

  • Problem Solving.


Emotional Disturbance, Trauma or Anxiety effecting Communication

  • Selective Mutism, etc. 



  • Stuttering & Cluttering.



  • Receptive Language (comprehension).

  • Expressive Language (e.g. indicating wants/needs, thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc.).  

  • Literacy/Reading. 

  • Morphology.

  • Phonology.

  • Semantics.

  • Syntax.

  • Paralinguistic Communication (e.g. gestures, signs, body language).

  • Phonology.

  • Pragmatics (e.g. language use & social aspects of communication).

  • Reciprocal Social Interactions (e.g. joint attention, imitation, sharing, play, emotions/feelings, perspective-taking, conventions and rules of society).

Oral Motor Dysfunction.


Picky Eating:

  • Food selectivity/refusal.

Play-Based Therapy. 

PROMPT Trained:

  • A multi-dimensional approach to treating Speech Production Disorders.


Social Thinking:

  • A social skills curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner intended for students with Social Learning Disabilities.  Its main focus is teaching individuals to think about how others perceive them. 

Speech Production:

  • Articulation & Phonological Delays.



  • Physiologic Voice Therapy: Accent Method, Phonation Resistance Training Exercise (PhoRTE), Resonant Voice Therapy, Stretch and Flow Phonation, Vocal Function Exercises (VFEs), Symptomatic Voice Therapy, Amplification, Lip Trill, Posture, Relaxation, & Yawn-Sigh.

  • Vocal Hygiene (e.g. identifying behaviors contributing to voice problems).

  • Implementation of healthy Vocal Hygiene practices.

  • Reduction of vocally traumatic behaviors. 


  • A cognitive behavioral approach created by Leah M. Kuypers & Michelle Garcia Winner used to teach Self-Regulation.  

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